My Name is Keith, and I Write Books No-one Reads

This isn’t a piece about sympathy, it’s a piece about reality. Most of the time, writing books is quite easy, enjoyable in fact. No one would write a book if (a) they didn’t want to or (b) they didn’t have to. There are lots of sub-reasons within those two categories, but for the most part people who write books want to write books. I fall into that category, for the most part.

Getting a book published is incredibly difficult. It’s far, far harder than writing a book. Ok, once you’ve got an agent and a publisher, then getting a book published is easier, but even then, what you write will be edited to buggery, and the end result might be thrown back at you as “not good enough”.

Selling books is harder than that.

Having released Almost Gone a week ago, without an agent or a publisher (though, also without anyone to tell me it’s not good enough), I can vouch for the selling bit.

Total sales after Week 1 = 0

But, as I said, this isn’t about sympathy. Thousands of books were released on September 5th, 2016. Thousands of those books have sold no copies. So, I say to all those authors, whether published or self-published, “Solidarity. You are not alone.”

Things might get better, they might not. But there’s always the next book, who knows if that will be a success? And don’t forget, you do this because you enjoy writing, so it’s fine.

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