Survival International

My novel, Almost Gone is set in a world that has only known tribal culture, and alludes to uncontacted tribes, a true rarity in our modern world.

I’m standing on a stony riverbank, looking across a wide pool of almost still water. Facing me are trees of every type, reaching and pushing through each other as they cling to the cliff-side. To one side a slender wisp of smoke curls into the bright white air and vanishes.

Eoran is next to me, blinking again and again in the overwhelming skylight, and  I notice he is also looking straight across the water, his eyes widening as sounds of laughter drift from the opposite bank. There is movement: pale limbs and hair, distant figures barely clad or naked, splashing and diving.

A hand falls on my shoulder and I turn to see Merod, her face full of joy.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” she whispers.

“What do you mean?” I reply, unsure of what is happening.

“They’re just like us, except they’re not. Look at them, listen to them!”

Survival International make significant efforts in ensuring uncontacted tribes are left alone, and are the social organisation I have the very highest respect for. As such, until further notice, I am going to be donating 100% OF ALL PROFITS from the e-book sales of Almost Gone to Survival International.

Almost Gone can be purchased from:

Smashwords –

Amazon Kindle –

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You can read more about the work of Survival with regards to uncontacted tribes at

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