Taking The Plunge #2

almost_gone_cover_sp_72dpi_webWell, here it is, the front cover! You will probably notice a theme here – the wonderful photo that graces the Conorol website is also the basis for the cover, with a little text in a suitable font, and that’s it. So that’s the easy bit done.

Making the book visible to lots of people, pre- the launch date is the hard bit. There’s now an interview on Smashwords, which you can read here and maybe find out some things you didn’t know. It’s going to be a long summer, putting out feelers to all sorts of social media places and other more conventional places such as local papers (“LOCAL AUTHOR FINDS INSPIRATION IN THE BORDERS”) and whatever else I might dare to do. There’s even a discount code at the bottom of the website, which means you can pre-order the book for 50% of the normal selling price, which in itself is absurdly low, but as I say in the interview, it was never about making money, just putting some food on the table perhaps.

There will be lots of updates to come, but so you don’t get bored, I’ll try to keep them interesting – front cover of The Guardian Books anyone?