Going for the Triple

On 14th January the last few edits were completed on the latest draft of Other Worlds, meaning that there are now two books in the Conorol Trilogy pretty much ready to be offered to agents. This is a rather nice position to be in, even though nothing is anything like guaranteed in terms of getting published. A normal person would be content with this and pitch the first book to agents, with extracts from the second book – as a couple of dear people suggested.

I am not normal (I get this a lot).

After a short discussion with some neighbours over a showing of The Descendents – a pretty good movie about how family and culture should always trump money – I left it in their hands as to whether I should do the aforementioned, or continue with Hollow Ground. After all, the two (yes two) prologues have already been written and there’s a plethora of ideas straining to get out. The consensus was to carry on, so that’s what I’m going to do. Hollow Ground will begin in earnest from late next week, once I’ve got through splitting a huge pile of random logs we had delivered yesterday due to running out of seasoned firewood.

To be honest, given the choice between splitting wood and writing novels, it would be a very close call, but at the moment there’s a robin that sits next to me and demands food when I’m outside, so the logs win :)