The Books

Set in a place that may be familiar to many, in a time that could be now, but within a culture untouched by civilisation, the Conorol Trilogy tells three stories about interlinked characters who are deeply affected by changes taking place in the world they inhabit.

All three books are in the Young Adult Fiction genre, but can be enjoyed by anyone who is able to understand the text. I believe that no books should be exclusive to any demographic. Agents and publishers are invited to contact the author via the contact page.

Other Worlds

It seemed to gestate in the big spaces, among men who drink and laugh too loud because of the ferment.

Other Worlds was completed in December 2015.… Continue reading Other Worlds

Almost Gone

All stories have a beginning, but not all of them have an end. I still can’t see the end of this one. All I know is that my story begins with a gap in the trees.

Almost Gone is currently being edited.… Continue reading Almost Gone

Hollow Ground

He was with someone else, Merod was her name, I think. Strange to see someone who changed us so much, just pushing his toes into the mud…

Hollow Ground is the final book of the Conorol Trilogy.… Continue reading Hollow Ground

Almost Gone is now available to buy as an independently-published ebook on Smashwords and through a variety of other outlets. To buy, go to Please contact the author if you would like a free review copy.

You can also buy the Kindle edition either directly, or via the various Amazon stores, by searching for “Keith Farnish”.

Other Books by The Author

underminers_cover_smUnderminers is the timely follow-up to Time’s Up! It takes up where that book left off, with a detailed, highly practical approach to the process of undermining in all its many hues. At once entertaining, shocking and inspiring, Underminers draws on the author’s own experience dealing at first hand with the lies of the industrial machine, and that of a wide range of other people who have their own unique take on the swath of topics covered in the book.

From the reasons we are unable to act, to the nitty-gritty of keeping ourselves and others safe during the undermining process, Part One is an invaluable guide to navigating the industrial system and becoming a fully-formed Underminer. Part Two details, with surprising candour how the reader can utilise their abilities and new-found determination to be an effective Underminer; whether that be undermining the advertising industry or the political machine, turning symbolic protestors into real activists, building self-determined communities or simply being ourselves.

Underminers (non-fiction, 384 pages) from all bookstores. Link for more information.

times_up_frontcover_smallTime’s Up! is a book about survival; about ensuring that every individual human has the means to save themselves from the global crisis that is unfolding. People know that the climate is changing, that species are being removed from the Earth at a rapidly increasing rate, that entire ecosystems are becoming shadows of their former richness; they know, but they do not understand. The global environmental crisis is closing in on humanity from all directions, yet the crisis barely registers on this culture’s list of problems.As we stand, humanity is doomed to a collapse that will leave only a few nomads, and a toxic, barely survivable Earth in its wake. So why is nothing being done beyond changing light bulbs, recycling and buying organic food? It’s certainly not for a lack of good reasons. Humans have no motivation stronger than survival, yet the culture that dominates – the culture we call Industrial Civilization – has created a set of priorities that value financial wealth, the possession of superfluous goods and short, cheap thrills, above that most basic need.In short, we are prepared to die in order to live a life that is killing us. Time’s Up is all about changing this. It describes what our actions are doing to the very things on Earth that we depend on for survival, at scales that we rarely contemplate. It arms us with the tools to free us from the culture that has blinded us for centuries, and which will allow us to live lives that will give the Earth, and ourselves, a future. Time’s Up! proposes something radical, fundamental and frightening; something long-term, exhilarating and absolutely necessary; something totally uncivilized.

Time’s Up! (non-fiction, 256 pages) from all bookstores. Link for more information.

Photo credit: Neil Roger, "Walking West"